second date

by second date

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released January 12, 2016

thank you hannah balesi for recording and mixing these tracks.
thank you kirsten hemrich for the album art.

thank you friends for your support, you guys rock <3



all rights reserved


second date Charlottesville, Virginia

brian cameron
maria dehart
lona manik
paul sanders

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Track Name: flake
your voice drew me in right from the beginning
i thought you'd stay awhile
but you're so fake, you've always been a flake
but you melt me every time you smile

your words cut like knives but
you make me feel so alive

i tried to cut the cord, but you're still wanting more
your love is like ecstasy
i've lost all control, you've left me in a hole
and stolen a piece of me
Track Name: bored
i'll jump before i look just to past the time
wanna entertain my mind till it's lost and dry
like i always do

these days pass too slow
can't help feeling dull

too many times i feel like i'm ripping seams
just to sow them back together over again
nothing left to do

these days pass too slow
can't help feeling dull
there is nothing left to do
Track Name: ghost
take another back door out, everything left torn
tell me how your night panned out, just give me something more
cause your words, are running off the pages
left wondering

you don't wanna stay, do you?

did you leave your bed today, give yourself a chance
would it help you anyway if i held out my hand
oh angel, would you let me in tomorrow
left wondering